Mobile Massage Therapists

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We are qualified and insured mobile therapists providing massage services for Events, Workplaces and Pamper parties

Rejuvenating, Revitalising, and Renewing

Established in 2006 as one of Glasgow’s original mobile massage therapists, we deliver high-quality treatments with the ambition to forge permanent relations with clientele.

Our dedicated team of qualified and insured therapists take pride in rejuvenating, revitalising, and renewing each and every client, with the core aim of providing quality, professional massage services.

We specialise in onsite massage, a type of treatment that has been specifically designed to complement the convenience and availability of massage at work. It is performed with the use of a specialist mobile chair, without the use of oils, or the need to remove clothing.

At Massage and Glow, we believe that massage should be a part of your everyday lifestyle. Regular massage not only relieves stress and tension, but also stimulates blood circulation, can help with pain management and promotes good mental health; a must for your busy schedule


Revitalise and renew your workforce with our expert team of mobile onsite massage therapists.


Create an exciting buzz at your next big event. We can support a number of events from exhibitions to product launches and corporate events.

Visit us in Soar @ Braehead

Why not pop in after a long day of retail therapy to relieve those aching feet? Or after a climbing session or ski slope adventure, to ease your aches and pains? Maybe a time to relax after a long day at work is the answer?

Whatever the reason, find us at our residency on the ground floor at Soar on a weekly basis.

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